When spring comes knocking, it’s time to welcome the bright and fresh colors of a new season. Chances are, by the time winter is winding up, you’re ready to prepare your home for spring. Here are some tips to get your home ready for warmer weather.

4 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Stash Away Winter Clothes and Beddings

One of the best ways to prepare your home for winter is to store away your winter clothes and beddings. As you usher in a new and warmer season, you won’t need those heavy blankets, coats, gloves, and any other garments that have been keeping you warm in winter.

Sort through your closet and replace what you don’t need immediately with spring clothes. Your winter clothes and linens can go in drawers or boxes that can be stored away for the next few seasons.

Groom Your Landscaping

Another great way to prepare your home for spring is to get your gardening tools out of the shed and groom your landscaping. Snowstorms break tree limbs and leave debris all over your yard.

Start by cleaning out the debris, removing broken branches, and pruning your trees and shrubs early to prepare your home for spring. Additionally, as your grass starts to recover from winter dormancy, prepare your lawn-care tools, re-seed dried-out patches, and pull out weeds.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

As winter clears and temperatures climb, you might start entertaining outside sooner rather than later. Clean your outdoor furniture in anticipation of spending more time hanging out outside. Hose down your lounge chairs, wipe away the cobwebs, and get your chair cushions out of storage.

Clean Your Gutters to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Snowstorms carry debris, dirt, and branches into your gutters too. Get a ladder and check the gutters. Clean the guttering and downspouts out with your hands or a scoop, then flush them with a hose.

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