Maintaining a tidy home can feel never-ending, especially when you have children. However, enlist your little ones to assist instead of battling clutter and dirt on your own. Teaching your kids how to clean the house saves you time and energy and imparts valuable life skills. Here are a few housecleaning chores for children to get them involved.

Easy Housecleaning Chores for Children


Dusting is a chore that most kids can handle, especially with a microfiber cloth or duster. Assign each child a specific area to clean: the coffee table, a single bookcase, or windowsills. Explain how to use the dusting tools, and have your child update you when they have completed the task. You can check for missed spots and help them finish the job properly.

Making Beds

Teaching your children how to make their beds is a small yet valuable contribution to your daily housecleaning routine. Make the bed before leaving for school. Your children will feel a sense of responsibility and can enjoy a clean place to relax at the end of their day.

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning the windows is a big job, but with your kids’ help, it becomes more manageable. Create a homemade window cleaning solution and allow the children to help. Using a funnel, fill a spray bottle with the solution and have the kids tackle the lower parts of the windows. Teach them to remove dust from the glass, apply the cleaner, and use a squeegee to clean the windows.

Housecleaning Chores for Children: Vacuuming

Depending on your child’s age, they can contribute to vacuuming. Younger children can use a small, handheld vacuum to clean up dirt and debris from smaller spaces. Ask them to vacuum beneath the coffee table and in corners. Older kids may be ready to handle a full-sized vacuum and can assist with vacuuming carpets and floors.

Sorting Laundry

When you have a family, laundry is a constant chore, but involving your children will ease the load. Children can sort dirty laundry by color before washing. Ask them to help load the machine and teach them to measure the detergent. Kids can group clean laundry into baskets for each family member, and young children might enjoy sorting and matching socks.

Housecleaning Chores for Children Include Watering Plants

Caring for indoor plants is a great way to involve your children in household chores while teaching them gardening skills. Kids can learn about each plant’s water and sunlight requirements. Help them create a schedule to keep the houseplants healthy.

By involving your children in daily and weekly household chores, you can lighten some of your workload and teach them about responsibility. Housecleaning can become a family activity when everyone pitches in to create comfortable and clean living spaces.

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