Maintaining a clean stovetop is necessary for a healthy, safe, and functional kitchen. A dirty stovetop becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, limits the stove’s effectiveness, and grease buildup can start a fire. Follow the instructions below to clean your stove effectively.

Cleaning an Electric Stove With Coils

Before cleaning an electric stove, make sure the stove is turned off and cool. Clean the stovetop by scrubbing with warm, soapy water, using a clean cloth or sponge. Finish by rinsing the surface with clean water.

Once you have wiped off the top, turn the burners on high to burn off the remaining residue. Your stovetop may begin smoking. This is normal; open a window or turn on the exhaust fan. Check underneath the drip trays for debris and residue that should be removed.

Tips for a Gas Stove

Before cleaning, make sure the stove is turned off, and the burners are cold. Begin by removing the stove grates and soaking them in hot, soapy water for 15 to 20 minutes. After soaking, scrub the grates with a mesh pad to remove any remaining food debris.

Clean the stovetop with a sponge and warm, soapy water or a stovetop cleaner. Use a plastic scraper to remove food stuck to the stovetop, but take care during this step. Don’t use metal, because it will scratch the stove’s finish. Finally, wipe the stove with clean water and use a clean cloth to dry the components before reassembling the stove.

Clean a Glass Stove Top

A glass stove can be maintained by cleaning daily or after each use. Spray the surface with warm water or distilled white vinegar. Wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Dry and polish the surface with a clean, lint-free cloth.

When a more thorough cleaning is needed, spray the stove with distilled white vinegar and sprinkle baking soda on top. Wet a towel with hot water and drape it over the solution. After about 10 minutes, remove the towel and use it to scrub the stovetop. Spray more vinegar and wipe it again. Once the top is clean, polish it.

Clean Your Ceramic Stove

A ceramic stove can be cleaned using the same method as a glass stove. However, with ceramic, you must be extra careful not to scratch the top. Do not use a metal scraper, steel wool, or abrasive cleaning products on a ceramic stove because they will scratch the surface.

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